Right now our company accepts orders from the USA, England ,Turkey.

From the USA once a week

From Turkey three times per week

From UK once a week

Please follow the link to find out our prices: http://aseshop.az/tariffs

a) Each person can bring goods worth up to $ 300 per month (last 30 days)

b) Weight should not exceed 30 kg

If the cargo exceeds the quantity and weight, a commission is charged for all goods. For this reason we kindly ask you to consider this issue in advance.

U.Hacibeyov street 61B (opposite the main post office)

(+994 12)4973775  - ASEshopping

(+994 12)4973775 ext 36 / 23

Weekdays 9:00-19:00
Saturday 10:00-17:00
The list of prohibited items is long, so here is a short example

Types of rifled firearms, ammunition (except for ammunition for hunting weapons), all military items, explosives, military equipment.
• radioactive substances.
• Drugs and psychotropic substances, accessories for their use.
• Materials that promote or promote immorality, violence, or terrorism.
• Materials related to the technology of preparation of narcotic, psychotropic, toxic, explosive substances.
• Animals
• Plants and seeds
• All types of weapons, ammunition, all types of military equipment, explosives, military equipment.
• Literature on personal communications, their codes and operation.
• Information systems, documents and archives of the ministries of defense, national security and internal affairs on operational-search activities.
• Documents, inventions, projects of national importance.
• Precious metals and precious stones in the form of raw materials

The cost of transportation is calculated in 2 different ways. In the first case, the cost is calculated by real weight. The weight of the product is multiplied by the cost of 1 kg (see tariffs section).

In the second case, the cost is calculated by volume weight. The volume weight is calculated according to this formula: length (cm) x width (cm) x height (cm) \ 6000.

In manats at the dollar exchange rate due to the fact that foreign shipments are carried out in dollars.

  • 1.70 AZN
Delivery may take 1-2 days.
You can come to our office located at Uzeyir Hajibeyov street 61B to pick it up or use our courier service.

Some online stores do not allow the purchase and export of goods. This applies only to some stores in Turkey and the USA.

In this case, the client must register on aseshop.az, in the upper right corner click the “Order” button, select the country and insert the link. We will place an order and inform the client about it, payment will be made in manats. You can pay in the Cash-in terminal or by visiting our office to pay in cash. Our service rates are as follows:

· 3 AZN for orders up to 100 AZN.

· 5 AZN for orders from 100 AZN to 500 AZN.

· 10 AZN for orders from 500 AZN and above